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Knife & Saw: Bike Shelf

Owning a bike and finding (enough) space to store it can be a bit of a challenge at times. Although this may withhold one from owning a bike, for me, this design solves it all. That is, if I owned a cool bike though. Designer Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw came up with the perfect solution for bike owners who’d like to create some extra space without losing the functionality of their interiors. With its bi-functional design, the Bike Shelf combines a wooden shelf for pretty much any purpose together with a clean way to showcase and/or store your bike in whatever part of the house. They are available in two colourways, walnut or ash, and these will set you back $300 or $270 respectively. Truth be told, these prices may look a bit steep, but the effort invested and the final outcome are definitely worth the money if you ask me. More pictures below. 

Ofege - Gbe Mi Lo

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