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Knife & Saw: Bike Shelf

Owning a bike and finding (enough) space to store it can be a bit of a challenge at times. Although this may withhold one from owning a bike, for me, this design solves it all. That is, if I owned a cool bike though. Designer Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw came up with the perfect solution for bike owners who’d like to create some extra space without losing the functionality of their interiors. With its bi-functional design, the Bike Shelf combines a wooden shelf for pretty much any purpose together with a clean way to showcase and/or store your bike in whatever part of the house. They are available in two colourways, walnut or ash, and these will set you back $300 or $270 respectively. Truth be told, these prices may look a bit steep, but the effort invested and the final outcome are definitely worth the money if you ask me. More pictures below. 

Ofege - Gbe Mi Lo

Zombie Boy

Rick Genest


David Terrazas: Asia

As a photographer, capturing emotions and having viewers actually sense those while viewing your photographs is quite a big task. These photographs taken by Spanish photographer David Terrazas have all it takes for me to like 'em. The dramatic decor and faces and the monochrome effects all add to a pretty striking collection of portraits shot somewhere in South-East Asia. Moreover, by making great use of bokeh (quality of the blur) and by putting emphasis on facial expressions the viewers are pulled towards the actual subject of matter, the people itself. Make sure to check out David Terrazas’ Behance profile and his Flickr. More pictures below.  

Temppeliaukio Kirkko by Timo & Tuomo Suomalainen


Inmates' Sorrow


With environmental issues in the back of their minds, it’s no news that car builders are eagerly moving towards the most economical range of cars they can offer. The luxury car builders included. Volkswagen’s BlueMotion, Mercedes’ BlueEFFICIENCY and Lexus’ Full Hybrid program are only a few in the long line of energy saving improvements in the automotive world. The downside of it all is that this hybrid/electrical segment is becoming a bit boring if you ask me.. There is, however, a solution if your wallet permits. The days of the Toyota Prius as synonym for economical driving are far-gone. Look no further, the Tesla Model S is what we’re heading to! With its luxurious appeal, a top speed of 120 mph (190 km/h) and its fully electrical engine this car is definitely worth mentioning. Probably the best thing about this car is that it doesn’t differ that much from the original prototype. In fact, it still looks like one. Production is expected to start somewhere next year and it will set you back $ 56.400 (approx. € 41.000) without any tax credits. More pictures below. 



Anouk - Nobody's Wife (Reggae Version)

Nick Gentry: Floppy Disk Paintings


"Nick Gentry is a British graduate of Central St Martins and has exhibited in the UK, USA and Europe. As part of a generation that grew up surrounded by floppy disks, VHS tapes, polaroids and cassettes, he is inspired by the sociological impact of a new internet culture. His portraits use a combination of obsolete media formats, making a comment on waste culture, life cycles and identity. Using old disks as a canvas, these artefacts are combined to create photo-fits and identities that may draw connections to the personal information that is then forever locked down underneath the paint."

Nick Gentry


Alex Prager: Cinematic Photography

You know that moment when you stumble upon someone’s work and it immediately catches your full attention (due to whatever reason)? Or when it makes you go: ‘How did he or she come up with such an idea?’ Well, stumbling upon photographs made by Alex Prager had me going just like that.. Her style is characterized by the somewhat unusual, melodramatic, but yet always funny situations she captures with her work. Likewise, a lot of her photographs feature dreamy-looking women and on top of that her work send out that retro-ish message that I like. Some people may find all this weird, but I can genuinely appreciate this kind of weird. More pictures below. 

Retro Rockabilly Doll

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