KAWS Inspired Tats


Kanye's fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is a definite cop for me.. nuff said!

Tattoo in Japan: Traditional and Modern Styles

Tattoo in Japan: Traditional and Modern Styles is an impressive book about the creation of long-lasting body art in the form of tattoos. With a large collection of rich coloured images that show of Japan’s rich tattoo culture, it’s a book for both tattoo enthusiasts as well as for people who are interested in the Japanese culture, art and graphic designs. The book is divided into four chapters (Tokyo, Chubu, Kyoto and Osaka)  with each chapter illustrating the tattoo styles that the these cities are known for. The  surprising fact that tattoos in Japan are such a huge taboo makes it extraordinary to see bodies that are fully covered and publicly displayed. The book consists of 320 pages with about 250 photographs and it is written in English and German. Based on my own experiences of reading books about Japan’s tattoo culture, I can honestly say such books are a must-have for anyone that is somehow interested in any way of art. More pictures below.


Big Sean - Final Hour

Penfield F/W 2010 Down Vests

Travelling in style is something not all of us are that familiar with, but we all try to make things as comfortable as possible when we go on a trip. Flying first class is off course one way of travelling in style although it’s still seen as a privilege to make it happen. There is another option though that steps it up another notch though MOST Mobile Specials, a German based company, offers an unique travelling experience with their FUTURIA Sports + Spa that was unveiled in August this year. A fully air-conditioned lounge, a berth with two separate beds, a roof terrace with a Whirlpool and even a garage to take your sports car with you are all on board as you cruise around in your FUTURIA. With room for 10 people friends and family are all welcome to travel with you too.

Oh.. Before I forget, the price tag reads $ 840,000! Hurry up though, only 20 are to be built..

The BKc Big B Cardigan


The Brooklyn Circus is an American brand established in 2006 with a single store in Brooklyn and as we speak they are also located in both San Fransisco and Chicago. Their clothing line named BKc contains some pieces that I really like and one of them is the BKc Big B Cardigan. Normally I’m not that keen on cardigans but some really come close to perfection, as does this one. Their cardigans come in different styles and colourways and they either come in a cashmere/wool blend or a 100% cotton with a velour finish. More pictures below.  

My thoughts:

1. Michael Jackson broke all boundaries with Thriller back in 1983 in so many ways and so does Kanye West with Runaway. This music video (actually a short movie) has a feel to it that I have never seen or heard of before, that's exactly what makes Runaway so next-level to me. Music videos has just been taken to an even higher standard in my opinion..

2. The music and accompanying lyrics are of the hook as expected from Kanye West and his label G.O.O.D. Music.  

3.  Great visual effects and video quality when watched in HD.

4. Nicky Minaj should have left her fake British accent at home (in the beginning of the video), nevertheless a big shout out to her too.

5. Victoria Secrets model Selita Ebanks is SMOKING HOT! 

Wiesmann: The individualist manufacturer

When the word supercar comes to mind we instantly think of brands like Ferarri, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. But true car enthusiasts like Wiesmann deserve to be mentioned in the same manner for a few straight forward reasons. Unlike other car builders the workforce behind Wiesmann is able to combine timeless and pure design elements of a car with the needed power (provided by BMW). The uniqueness of these cars lies in the fact that they require large amounts of handcrafting, detailing is done to the highest standards and each car carries around it’s own unique personality. Therefore the select group of proud Wiesmann owners really stand out in terms of exclusivity. 


Apple iPad signed by Obama


"Mr. President, will you please sign my iPad?"

 Normally when outrageous fans go on a hunt for an autograph they quickly pull out a piece of paper, a tissue or whatever they can reach for at the moment of truth. But during a rally at the University of Washington someone in the audience asked for the unusual. Sylvester Caan reached out to Obama and asked him to sign his iPad, and while at first he seemed surprised he eventually made it happen. Obama kicks ass haha!

A screenshot and footage of the signing below.



Somehow men in Milan always know how to pull it off when it comes to wearing tailor-made suits or blazers, whether it's for a special occasion or on a regular day. The following pictures, taken during the Milan Women's Fashion Week, show some of these men strutting their stuff.

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