Anouk - Nobody's Wife (Reggae Version)

Nick Gentry: Floppy Disk Paintings


"Nick Gentry is a British graduate of Central St Martins and has exhibited in the UK, USA and Europe. As part of a generation that grew up surrounded by floppy disks, VHS tapes, polaroids and cassettes, he is inspired by the sociological impact of a new internet culture. His portraits use a combination of obsolete media formats, making a comment on waste culture, life cycles and identity. Using old disks as a canvas, these artefacts are combined to create photo-fits and identities that may draw connections to the personal information that is then forever locked down underneath the paint."

Nick Gentry


Alex Prager: Cinematic Photography

You know that moment when you stumble upon someone’s work and it immediately catches your full attention (due to whatever reason)? Or when it makes you go: ‘How did he or she come up with such an idea?’ Well, stumbling upon photographs made by Alex Prager had me going just like that.. Her style is characterized by the somewhat unusual, melodramatic, but yet always funny situations she captures with her work. Likewise, a lot of her photographs feature dreamy-looking women and on top of that her work send out that retro-ish message that I like. Some people may find all this weird, but I can genuinely appreciate this kind of weird. More pictures below. 

Retro Rockabilly Doll


Thrifting: Prelude to Interim

"A documentary on the construction of the new concept thrift store (ĭn | tər | ĭm) Film makers Neon Gorilla follow members of The Art of Re-use organization around different cities spanning from Toronto to Buffalo with a first hand look at their philosophy on thrift shopping and moments leading up to the store's opening."

Go Back To The Zoo - Beam Me Up


Opening Ceremony M1 Desert Boot

The search term desert boot(s) on Google has all fingers pointing at the classic Desert Boot by Clarks. With a brand that's full of heritage (originated in the 1800s) Clarks deserve all the credits, no doubt about that.. Though, if I was asked to cast my vote for the ultimate desert boot at this point in time Opening Ceremony’s M1 Desert Boot would be the one for me. Opening Ceremony connects emerging American designers with established names from abroad for a lot of their collections. What I like most about the M1 Desert Boot is the simple, minimalistic design, the comfortable-looking flat leather sole and the use of interesting materials like croc skin and pony hair. Whether you own a suede or leather pair of M1’s or a more extravagant version, you just can’t go wrong with these. More pictures below.

Mélange de L'encre


Nous Sommes Pendants

Herring & Herring: Tribal


Editorials in which models are outfitted with ethnic or tribal wear are numerous. Whereas some of those don’t turn out that well, Herring & Herring (Dimitri Scheblanov and Jesper Carlsen) did a great job with this one I think. With loads of vivid colours, interesting styling and make-up and models with great facial features these pictures represent tribalism in an artistic and surprising way. Really surprising.. True story, the models used in this editorial spread are named Mey Bun, Rila Fukushima and Ai-li Wang! African roots are nowhere to be found and yet they made it look very realistic. Great work. More pictures below.


Happy New Year!

So, 2011 has come. For all who don't want to look back at 2010, let bygones be bygones and work hard towards a better year. For all who had a great 2010, stay blessed and turn 2011 into an even better year. The best wishes from IN TERMS OF ME to all Bloggers, readers and your loved ones!

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