FUTURIA Sports + Spa

Travelling in style is something not all of us are that familiar with, but we all try to make things as comfortable as possible when we go on a trip. Flying first class is off course one way of travelling in style although it’s still seen as a privilege to make it happen. There is another option though that steps it up another notch though MOST Mobile Specials, a German based company, offers an unique travelling experience with their FUTURIA Sports + Spa that was unveiled in August this year. A fully air-conditioned lounge, a berth with two separate beds, a roof terrace with a Whirlpool and even a garage to take your sports car with you are all on board as you cruise around in your FUTURIA. With room for 10 people friends and family are all welcome to travel with you too.

Oh.. Before I forget, the price tag reads $ 840,000! Hurry up though, only 20 are to be built..


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