Blackberry Empathy Phone Concept


Although I own one myself, the design of RIM’s Blackberry devices are quite often not that spectacular and instead look pretty sober compared to its rivals. However, designer Daniel Yoon decided to spice it up a little bit by introducing the Blackberry Empathy Phone Concept. We probably won’t see phones like this anytime soon, but this futuristic concept is very appealing to the eye. But, according to the designer, what really makes this phone stand out is that it comes with a mood ring that is able to sense human emotions and share those through social networking with your closest friends. Also, the keypad changes colour according to the emotional state sensed from phone calls and messages. By wearing the mood ring the Blackberry Empathy allows the user to interact with others based on their real feelings, you can avoid the sharing and sensing part by simply not wearing the mood ring at all. I’m not really sure about the whole emotional sharing thing but design-wise this concept definitely convinces me. I guess some things are just too good to be true, at least that’s what they say.. More pictures and a video below. 


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