Nom de Guerre: Countdown To Violence

Pseudonyms or fictional names are adopted for safety reasons in all kinds of situations and also during wars some are forced to use them from time to time. The French translation of these war names or names of war is nom de guerre so it wasn’t by surprise that this war theme became a major inspiration for the New York based brand Nom de Guerre. Great way to find a brand name I’d say. Their Fall/Winter 2010 Campaign, Countdown to Violence, is from a while back now but it somehow still fascinates me. Inspired by a surreal novel named 'The Melancholy of Resistance' the campaign is surrounded by and makes great use of darkness in many ways. Everything seemes to be on point: from the setting in which the pictures were taken, to the styling of the models and off course the pieces in the collection itself. Pretty cool to see multiple (new) brands showing interest in military apparel and timeless workwear again. Practicality, functionality and durability is a nice way of describing this style. Combine this with the notion that it makes an outfit look rugged but still very fashionable and there you have it! More pictures below.


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