Danny Santos: Shooting Strangers in Orchard Road

Due to the immense popularity of renowned blogs like the Sartorialist and Jak & Jil I’ve come to notice that street photography is a rising style and I tend to like it. I especially like those shots that tell a story with just looking at it and the ones that capture your full attention. Danny Santos II is a photographer who creates such work with his street portraits of complete strangers taken in the streets of Singapore, mainly on Orchard Road. He’s able to capture his ‘victims’ in their natural habitat without them noticing or just before that. Therefore they’re not forced to act in a desired manner which ultimately leads to impressive and sometimes very surprising shots. By viewing his work you’ll notice his trademarks that consists of a few features like pictures in bad weather, pictures in which he creatively makes use of street light, pictures in which random faces stand out in the crowd, silhouette shots and urban portraits. These features combined with the composition of the pictures and the stories behind them make his work so special. More pictures below.



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