Gentlemen of Bacongo

Dandies and pure sartorialists are people often associated with and resided in cities like Paris, London or Milan. Italian photographer Daniele Tamagni gives us the Congolese view on something similar with his book 'Gentleman of Bacongo'. The Sapeurs or Society for the Advancement of People and Elegance are a inspirational group of men mainly from the district of Brazzaville in Congo who have turned fashion into a religion. Inspired by their former French and Belgian colonists they generate a huge contrast between themselves and the poverty that still taunts their war torn homeland. The inspirational part of it all is that every Sapeur tries to live life to the fullest, in that they all want to fulfil their dream of travelling abroad one day to return to Congo as lords of elegance. A nice quote from the publisher describes their state-of-mind as follows:

“There is no bloodshed here, here your clothes do all the fighting for you otherwise you are not fit to be called a sapeur.”


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