UNDEFEATED Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jackets have been with us for a long time and it looks like they’re here to stay. Nike’s Destroyer Jackets,  Wings + Horns’ Melton Wool Jackets and the old-school styled jackets from American College are only a few out of the big bunch that contribute to the whole buzz around these jackets. For me, next in line is UNDEFEATED with their version of this classic piece and in my opinion they deserve all the praises. The jacket features a thick black wool body, leather sleeves, snap buttons, several patches and (what I love the most) a nice collar that ‘s a good cover-up for the neck. Swedish online retailer Caliroots is one of the resellers, if only they supported payments through Paypal it would make life a whole lot easier for me.. More pictures below.



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