Spyker Cars is one of those car builders with a rich history that still has a huge influence on every road car that leaves their factory in Zeewolde. Their experience gained in racing and a merger with the Dutch Aircraft Factory back in 1914 clearly left its mark. Everything from the tiniest design factors in the interior, the aerodynamics and the Spyker logo are inspired by these historical happenings. What I like most about car builders like these is that they place much value on creating that special customer experience. Hand-crafted work by the best craftsmen and that sense of heritage surrounding Spyker Cars are just a few features they're known for, but their so-called Spycam™ is killing me. With this future owners are able to keep track on the assembly process of their car by means of a Spycam™ webcam-system, day and night.. This extra service surely must have caused a few Spyker-owners a lack of sleep while waiting on their cars but it definitely adds value to the whole experience in my opinion. More pictures below. 




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