Style Icon: The Rosewood Movement

For some time now Kanye West is surrounded by his entourage (in the likes of Virgil Abloh, Don C and Jalil Peraza-Williams) portraying their all new fashion statement called The Rosewood Movement. Their fashion initiative goes further than just rocking the finest designer suits by behaving as true gentlemen at all times. In fact, this Rosewood mentality showcases model-citizen behaviour like pulling chairs out for your lady, avoiding cursing in public and taking care of your kids. Although their suits combined with the requirements of the movement may come across as too formal and hard to keep up on a daily basis, I think it’s nice way to present yourself to the world. More pictures of their dress code below.  


burcu d. said...

I LOVE Kanye's style...I know, most people don't like his arrogance, but who cares. he's so talented and so good in everything he does.

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